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Drummer's Corner of the World

... tollers rule ...

Debbie G
22 September
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Settled in Indiana, after mrphl years in Mississippi, I'm a professional Mac geek for a large publishing company. In my spare time (whazzat??), I'm a member of eclectic Celtic band Wild Mercy and can frequently be found hanging out at with other musical types at science fiction conventions. All of my children have four feet and fur... there's a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Drummer) and a rescued English Setter (Thunder). Thunder was supposed to be a short-term foster. Hah. We are collectively owned by four cats, who are the real masters of the household. In descending order of age, there are littermates Gorby and Smudge, Izzy and Fiddler. All the cats are rescues. All have very plus coats and love to shed. I own a Dyson and even it's not really enough to keep up with the volume of cat hair generated on a daily basis.